Students with laptop devices

One of the many lessons the pandemic has brought to the collective attention of school districts across the globe is the need for creative and impactful uses of technology for all students.  Once schools were shut down in March of 2020, many school administrators were scrambling to find devices for their student body so that learning could continue.  This urgent need occurred fast and districts who did not have 1 to 1 devices quickly found themselves expanding, or creating, their technology programs overnight.  

Here at Flanagan-Cornell Unit 74, we want to make sure that all students have equal access to safe and secure internet connected devices and that our teachers are trained in new, relevant, and evidenced-based programs that support the district's mission of preparing  "our students to function productively and responsibly in the twenty-first century".  This is why the district has decided to expand our 1 to 1 program to include grades 1st through 4th.  In total, 1st through 12 grade students will now have a school-issued device, charger, and protective case to support them in their educational lives.  With this addition,  along with consistent and relevant professional development for our teachers, we are safely placing our students in a position for success now and in the future.